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Georgia Association of School Nurses 

Revised 2/21/2020


The GASN mission is to promote and support the development of professional School Nurses and optimize student health and learning by advancing the practice of school nursing.


The GASN vision is that Georgia School Nurses are prepared leaders who develop and implement a coordinated school health program in every Georgia school, to improve the health status and educational outcome of students and staff, and to ensure that all students are healthy, safe and ready to learn.

Core Values

Empowerment/Leadership GASN believes in connecting research, theory, and practice to foster the health and wellbeing of students, staff, families and communities.

Professionalism/Integrity/Excellence - GASN demonstrates excellence and integrity by providing high quality service, products and standards while valuing ethical and honest relationships.

Partnership/Collaboration - GASN promotes respectful, intentional and engaged community and professional collaboration.

Diversity/Equity/Inclusion - GASN welcomes a diverse membership and acknowledges that each member is inherently valuable and brings unique perspective and contribution to our mission.

Innovation - GASN establishes a strategic course of action to ensure accomplishment of specific objectives that leads the organization from where it is now to fulfill the vision of our future, utilizing technology and data.



Engage Georgia School Nurses in 21st Century Practice 


GASN will strengthen and solidify a membership that is driven toward excellence in school nursing practice.

  •        Provide high quality member services to retain and strengthen School Nurses statewide.
  •        Identify and partner with agencies and organizations that are willing to collaborate to achieve mutual goals and objectives.
  •        Advocate for the development of policies that positively impact the health of our students, staff and families.
  •        Become an influential advocate for safe and effective school health services.
  •        Advocate for legislation of school nursing in Georgia schools.
  •        Be recognized as the expert voice of school nursing in GA.


Pursue strategic partnerships in pursuit to enhance student health, well-being and education.


Promote the participation of Georgia School Nurses in the collection and dissemination of school health data and to participate in the NASN National Data Collection Set – Every Student Counts.

Please click here for document: Strategic Plan for FY 2020-2023


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